About Four Reel Production
Giving Back
One of FRP’s missions is to support the public school system. Since 2002, Four Reel has helped music programs in several Littleton public schools raise thousands of dollars in the form of no-cost fundraisers. Four Reel video tapes the school music programs and resells the DVDs to the parents. The school music department receives 25% of the sales, helping to keep the music and arts alive. If your school would like to receive more information on these funraisers, please give Stan a call.
One thing that bothered Stan Lukowicz about the video production industry was the extreme lack of personal service combined with the fact that many customers were overpaying for services simply because they were used to overpaying. Having been in the same business for years, he realized that all he would have to do is treat his customers like he wanted to be treated and give them a great product for a fair value.

Thus, Four Reel Production was born. In 1993, Stan started his business in Aurora, Colorado in the confines of his own basement. When he realized that his business was quickly outgrowing his current situation, he moved to an even bigger basement in 1998 in Littleton. But it didn't stop there. As word of mouth took over, he realized that the only way he was going to be able to expand and thrive was to obtain a storefront.

So, in 2003, the Four Reel mothership landed in its current location in Sheridan, Colorado. Since its final move, Four Reel has quickly gained recognition as THE single best provider of value and service in the video production industry.

What does future hold for Stan and Four Reel? Lukowicz's goal is to open new locations in the Denver Metro area including Highlands Ranch, Denver, Arvada, North Glenn and Lakewood.

Become a Four Reel customer today! Give Stan a call and set up a visit for more information on his many services.