Services- Film to DVD

We accept regular 8mm, super 8mm, super 8mm with sound, and 16mm.

The first 300 feet is $59.95. Each additional foot of film is 16 cents. Each film is a separate chapter on your final DVD. Price includes standard packaging and an extra DVD copy.

We digitize your film using methods developed by Four Reel specifically to reduce our cost and your final price without sacrificing quality. We have converted millions of feet of film since 1993 and take pride in our speedy, affordable service.

Optional Services
Digital Conversion to AVI or MOV (Quicktime)- $19.95 per one-hour of footage..

We suggest that you provide us with an external hard drive or other mass storage device so that we can easily transfer all data to you.

Upgrade your packaging! For an additional $29.95, we will design custom video packaging using frame grabs captured from the original footage.

If you would like us to edit your footage, we will provide complimentary time-coded DVDs. This will allow you to review all footage prior to editing and let us know how you would like to see the final product. We edit footage at $65 per hour. The better your project is organized, the less your edit charges will be. We will provide you an estimate prior to any editing work performed.